Peripheral artery disease: symptoms and causes

Peripheral artery disease: symptoms and causes

Peripheral Artery Disease

In peripheral artery disease, there is a reduction in blood flow to the Limbs because the arteries get narrowed. It is a common circulatory problem.

When a person is suffering from PAD, their legs will not be able to receive enough blood according to the demand. This results in constant pain in the legs during walking. Additionally, peripheral artery disease also contributes to the sign of accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries. This is the condition where the blood flow gets reduced to the heart and brain and legs as well.

If one wants to get rid of peripheral artery disease, they need to quit tobacco and have a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Signs and symptoms:

Every problem comes up with certain signs and symptoms. The same is the scenario with peripheral artery disease. Sometimes there are no symptoms or very mild symptoms available, and people are just suffering from claudication.

In claudication, there will be muscle pain or cramping in the legs or arms that can be triggered by any activity. But after some minutes it gets disappear. But an individual needs to figure it out because it can create some unnecessary problems in severe cases.

The signs and symptoms of PAD include:

  • In men, erectile dysfunction is there.
  • There will be cramping in both of the hips, thighs, and calf muscles.
  • A person will be going to face difficulty during walking.
  • There will be numbness in the legs.
  • Hair growth becomes slower and increments in hair loss.
  • The growth of toenails will become slower.
  • The skin on the legs become shining.
  • It is hard to notice pulse in legs or feet.
  • On toes, legs, or feet there will be sores that cannot heal.
  • There will be a change in leg color.
  • A person will not be able to climb stairs efficiently.


When you get an idea about all the signs and symptoms of peripheral artery disease, it is important to know about the causes. The causes are common. Usually, the main reason for peripheral artery disease is atherosclerosis. There will be fatty deposits available on the walls of the artery, and there is a reduction in blood flow.

Apart from atherosclerosis, the problem will arise due to blood vessel inflammation and injury to Limbs.

The unusual anatomy of ligaments is muscles also lead to the same. In some cases, radiation exposure also becomes the cause for PAD.

When does a person need to approach the doctor?

If you are facing the problem of peripheral artery disease, then you need to approach adopted as well. But the particular duration when you need to approach them includes:-

  • Age of more than 65
  • Age more than 50, but you have the habit of diabetes or smoking.
  • You are facing some other peripheral artery disease risk factors like obesity and high blood pressure, but your age is not 50.

Final words:

Peripheral artery disease does not come up with certain symptoms. Hence an individual needs to be aware of the diet they are consuming. If you also feel like that there is a chance that you can have an effect of it, then approach the doctor now and get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

If you wish to know something more about it, then do let us know in the comments section below. We will provide you all the details about peripheral artery disease so that no trouble will be there for you in any case.

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