Color Doppler Test in Jaipur

Color Doppler

Color Doppler ultrasound is the sophisticated imaging technology used by the doctors to see what is going inside the body. The non-invasive option helps detect abnormalities with your blood flow. So, the images provided by the sound waves will help detect the presence of clots or blockages in the veins and arteries. It is the diagnostic tool used in the detection of several
underlying issues including DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or clot in the lungs. So, when you see symptoms associated with the conditions, the doctor can suggest the diagnostic test to conclusive detect the problem.

Need For Color Doppler

Need For Color Dopplers

When will your doctor suggest a Color Doppler? It is usually suggested for people who experience symptoms associated with DVT like pain or swelling in the leg. The sophisticated ultrasound provides images of the blood flow. So, based on the slowing or stopping of the blood flow, the doctor can detect a clot. Apart from that, it is also used for the following:

  • Check for narrowed or blocked arteries
  • Look for the blood flow in heart, arteries, and veins
  • See blood flow after undergoing a treatment
  • Detect aneurysm (bulging in the artery)
  • Blood flow issues with vital organs (kidneys, liver, pancreas, or spleen)
  • Detect abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Check blood flow to the fetus during pregnancy

Before Undergoing Color Doppler Test

Do you need any special preparation for the test? If the doctor suggests it to detect the problems in your legs, then you may not need any special preparation. For others, you need the following:

Abdominal Doppler Ultrasound

Abdominal Doppler Ultrasounds

You need to fat for at least six to twelve hours before the test. So, you need to refrain from eating or drinking during the time. You can take medications with little water.

Pelvic Doppler Ultrasound

Pelvic Doppler Ultrasound

Women undergoing the test need to have a full bladder. So, they need to drink water (at least 32 ounces) one hour before the test.

During Color Doppler Test

During Color Doppler Tests

During the safe, non-invasive test, you need to lie on the back on the table. Your doctor or technician applies gel to the area for testing. Next, a small device looking like a wand is pressed against the skin. The wand sends sound waves into the body to provide images of the internal
parts. These images are reflected on the computer screen. The whole procedure takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. You can get the results of the tests within no time. This procedure uses no radiation. So, it is not just safe but also painless. You will not have any inconvenience during the test.

Interpreting The Results Of Color Doppler

Interpreting the Results Of Color Doppler 1

When you receive the results, the doctor will explain the meanings of the images of Color Doppler. For DVT, the images will help the doctor detect any clots. Based on the results, the doctor can tell you the next steps to take. For people with one or more clots, another Doppler ultrasound is scheduled after a few days to see if the clots grow or new ones form. According to the results, your doctor suggests the next steps.

Color Doppler test is the painless and non-invasive alternative to angiography to get a clear picture of what happens inside your body.

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