FAQ Interventional Radiology

How Interventional Radiology is different from surgery?

Unlike normal surgery, in interventional radiology, the incision is very small, almost a size of pinhole i.e. a very less pain for patients and faster recovery. In most interventional radiology treatment, the patient is often discharged within 24 hours.

Does interventional radiology cause pain?

Since the interventional radiology procedure is minimally invasive, therefore there is very little pain during the process, and for that, you would be given numbing medication.

Will the doctor provide general anaesthesia?

Unlike traditional surgery, interventional radiologists do not provide general anaesthesia, however, they give sedatives or numbing medication to make the patient relax throughout the treatment.

Is interventional radiology right for me?

Advancement in medical technology has created less invasive treatments so that patient suffers from very less pain. If you are going for the open surgery treatment, then you must consult an interventional radiologist. He will provide proper consultation for the minimally invasive approach.

Do I need to concern about radiation safety?

Interventional radiology uses radiation for the treatment but there is 0% risk in any case. An interventional radiologist is specialized in mitigating the risks of radiation and in minimizing the amount of radiation in completing the treatment.

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