About - Varicose Veins Treatment Under RGHS or CGHS

Endovascular Clinic in Jaipur, under the skilled expertise of Dr. Nikhil Bansal, an esteemed Interventional Radiologist, offers comprehensive treatment for varicose veins under the purview of RGHS (Rajasthan Government Health Scheme) or CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme). Varicose veins, a common vascular condition, can cause discomfort and aesthetic concerns. Dr. Bansal employs advanced endovascular techniques to provide effective and minimally invasive treatment options.

By availing of treatment at an Endovascular Clinic, patients can regain mobility, alleviate symptoms, and restore confidence in their vascular health, all under the reputable umbrella of government healthcare schemes.

About - Varicose Veins Treatment
Varicose Veins Treatment
Varicose Veins Treatment Under RGHS or CGHS ESIC and Railway Employees
Varicose Veins Treatment
Overview - About Varicose Veins

Overview - About Varicose Veins Treatment

Varicose veins are abnormal veins. These happen when your veins become enlarged or dilated and they become overfilled with blood. Usually these veins appear swollen and bulging. Mostly these appear in the legs and pelvic area. But these can also occur in other parts of the body. These appear in groups of blue-violet-colored veins. Sometimes they are surrounded by red cells, which are called spider veins.

These are quite painful. When they become swollen, it becomes difficult to even touch them. These can cause swollen ankles, itchy skin, and pain by restricting circulation to the affected limb. Many varicose veins are too deep to be visible but can cause swelling and pain throughout the leg. This problem is very common during pregnancy. People with advanced age and obesity are more at risk.

Spider Vein
Truncal Varicose Vein
Side-branch Varicose Vein
Varicosities of Perforating
Reticular Varicose Vein

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Nikhil Bansal


Consultant Endovascular & Interventional Radiology

Dr. Nikhil Bansal, MD, PGDHHM, FVIR, FIPM, is a distinguished Consultant in Endovascular & Interventional Radiology, renowned for his expertise in providing top-notch varicose veins treatment in Jaipur. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to patient care, Dr. Bansal employs cutting-edge techniques and advanced technology to deliver optimal outcomes for his patients suffering from varicose veins. His approach encompasses a thorough understanding of each patient's unique needs, ensuring personalized care and effective treatment plans.

Moreover, Dr. Bansal extends his services to patients covered under the Rajiv Gandhi Health Scheme (RGHS) or the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), thereby ensuring accessibility and affordability of high-quality varicose veins treatment to a wider demographic. With his dedication to excellence and compassionate care, Dr. Nikhil Bansal stands as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking relief from varicose veins in Jaipur.

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Symptoms of Varicose Veins?

It has been observed that people suffer from pain as a symptom of varicose veins, but it is not necessary for everyone complain of pain. Varicose veins may have the following symptoms:

  • Veins are dark purple and blue in color
  • The bundle of nerves appears bulging. These often look like cords.
  • Swollen ankles
  • Discomfort when sitting or standing for long periods
  • Pain and feeling of heaviness in legs
  • Discoloration of feet or ankles
  • Hardening of the skin on the feet and ankles
  • Stiffness in the thighs or other parts of the legs at night
  • Burning, cramping, and swelling in the lower legs
  • Itching around the veins
  • Skin ulcer

Varicose Veins Treatment Without Surgery By Dr, Nikhil Bansal

Varicose veins can often be treated without surgery through various non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures. Some common treatments include:

Compression stockings: These specially designed stockings apply pressure to your legs, helping to improve blood flow and reduce the swelling associated with varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy: This procedure involves injecting a solution directly into the affected veins, causing them to collapse and eventually fade away.

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT): A minimally invasive procedure where a laser is used to heat and seal off the affected vein, causing it to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body.

Radiofrequency ablation: Similar to EVLT, this procedure uses radiofrequency energy to heat and close off the varicose vein.

Venaseal: A relatively new procedure where a medical adhesive is used to seal the affected vein shut, preventing blood from flowing through it.

Varicose Veins Treatment

Looking for Varicose Veins Treatment in Jaipur?

Book an appointment with Dr. Nikhil Bansal, He is one of the highly experienced interventional radiologists who provide top-notch treatment for varicose veins without surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Nikhil Bansal For Varicose Veins Treatment?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Dr. Nikhil Bansal for varicose veins treatment:

  • Best Interventional Radiologist in Jaipur: Dr. Nikhil Bansal is renowned as one of the top interventional radiologists in Jaipur, possessing extensive experience and expertise in treating varicose veins using advanced techniques.
  • Varicose Veins Without Surgery: Dr. Bansal offers minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins, eliminating the need for traditional surgery. These procedures are less invasive, leading to quicker recovery times and reduced discomfort for patients.
  • Effective Results: Patients can expect effective and lasting results from Dr. Bansal’s treatments. His approach focuses on addressing the underlying causes of varicose veins, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients.
  • Trusted Doctor: Dr. Nikhil Bansal is highly trusted by his patients for his professionalism, compassion, and dedication to providing the highest quality of care. His commitment to patient satisfaction and safety makes him a preferred choice for varicose vein treatment.
  • RGHS or CGHS Facility Available: Dr. Bansal offers treatment facilities that are recognized by prestigious healthcare schemes like RGHS (Rajasthan Government Health Scheme) or CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme), providing accessibility and affordability to a wide range of patients.

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    What are varicose veins, and how do they develop?

    Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins that typically occur in the legs when the valves within the veins malfunction, causing blood to pool and the veins to become swollen and twisted.

    What are the common symptoms of varicose veins?

    Symptoms may include visible, bulging veins, aching or heavy feeling in the legs, swelling, itching, and skin discoloration or ulceration in severe cases.

    How can I prevent varicose veins from worsening?

    Measures such as regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding prolonged standing or sitting, elevating the legs when resting, wearing compression stockings, and avoiding tight clothing can help alleviate symptoms and prevent worsening of varicose veins.

    What treatment options are available for varicose veins?

    Treatments range from lifestyle changes and conservative measures such as compression stockings to medical procedures like sclerotherapy, laser therapy, or vein stripping, depending on the severity and individual circumstances.

    Are there any risks associated with varicose vein treatments?

    While most treatments for varicose veins are considered safe, there are potential risks such as bruising, swelling, nerve injury, or allergic reactions. It’s essential to discuss these risks with your healthcare provider before undergoing any treatment.

    How long does it take to recover from varicose vein treatment, and what can I expect during the recovery process?

    Recovery time varies depending on the type of treatment received. Some procedures may require little to no downtime, while others may involve a few days of discomfort and restricted activity. Your healthcare provider will provide specific post-treatment instructions and guidelines for a smooth recovery.

    Is there a treatment option available for varicose veins without surgery?

    Yes, there are several non-surgical treatment options available for varicose veins. These include:

    • Sclerotherapy
    • Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) or Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA).
    • Vein Ablation
    • Compression Therapy