Non-surgical treatment for varicose veins

Non-surgical treatment for varicose veins

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are usually twisted and enlarged veins having blood. These veins are present in our legs and come out above the surface of the skin. Although they do not cause any damage to our life. Yet any kind of damage to these veins causes discomfort to people.

In past years, to remove damaged varicose veins, doctors used to perform a surgery known as “vein stripping” which comprised of the use of small cuts and pulling out the veins from the legs physically. But technology has transformed this complex task into an easier one.

It is now possible to treat varicose veins using no surgical methods. This can also be termed as a non-invasive procedure. It does not involve any kind of tool or equipment and doctors do not need to make any cut and physically enter the body. It just requires very minimal incisions in the skin. There are many non-surgical procedures available which include:

  • Sclerotherapy

In this method, a solution termed as sclerosant is injected within the veins to destroy them. This solution lets the injured veins to collapse force the blood to reroute to the healthier veins. Destroyed or collapsed veins disappear after some time. But his treatment can be given to the patient if the veins are located near the skin and varicose veins are small in size. This treatment helps in improving the appearance of the legs. For larger veins, doctors use a procedure called foam sclerotherapy because foam can cover a larger area that solution.

  • Radio-frequency ablation

When surgeons use radio waves also known as radio-frequency energy to treat the injured veins, it is radio-frequency ablation (RFA). In this treatment, radio-frequency energy is passed through the walls of the veins with the help of a wire catheter. The doctors numb the veins primarily and use an ultrasound to get a glance of the veins. This also lets the damaged vein disappear as it allows heat up of the walls but it takes a few weeks to get good results of this type of treatment.

  • Endovenous laser ablation

It is almost similar to radio-frequency ablation. The only difference is the use of laser energy in place of radio-frequency energy, doctors insert laser fiber into the catheter and the laser energy helps the vessel to close by the heat. It also allows the vein to disappear over time as the body of the patient absorbs the collapsed vein. This treatment is for treating deeper veins of the body.

Although not all varicose veins require surgical or non-surgical treatment. Some varicose veins treatment includes exercise, sleeping your legs elevated while sitting, losing weight, wearing compression stockings, etc. But still, if you are unable to provide self-care treatment and experiencing high pain, it is a recommendation to visit varicose veins expert in Jaipur. You will surely get good treatment over time. To avoid any chances of blood clots, swelling, fatty tissue under the skin, and other problems, just visit the doctor and go for non-surgical treatment if possible. It will help you to get rid of the distress sooner and enhance the recovery process. Also, there will be not signing of scarring or bruising on your body if you go for non-invasive procedures.