Myths about Varicose Veins Treatment.

Myths about Varicose Veins Treatment

Myths are very common with every medical problem, and there is no doubt that individuals start believing in the same if they are facing the same problem. The same is a scenario with varicose veins treatment. If you have just been diagnosed with it and looking forward to approaching the doctor for varicose veins treatment in Jaipur, make sure to burst out all the bubbles of myths because it is essential-have the subtle treatment.

Let’s discuss the common myths about varicose veins people have so that you will not fall into that category and will be able to feel comfortable regarding the treatment you are getting.

Myths about varicose veins treatment:-

Myth: Women cannot get the treatment for varicose veins before giving birth to the baby

This is one of the common myths people are having that women cannot get the treatment if they have not given birth to the baby. If you are planning for a family, the varicose vein treatment is available. It is right to get the treatment because if the condition gets worse, it will be difficult for you to have the pregnancy phase stable. Therefore if you are planning a baby and suffering from varicose veins, get the treatment done, and then you can simply plan for it.

Myth: Recurrence of varicose veins is very high after treatment:

After varicose veins treatment, the chances of them coming back are very less. If a person is not paying attention to the recovery period and not taking the precautions as a doctor suggested, then only the chances of recurrence are high. Otherwise, the minimally invasive techniques available lower the risk of recurrence to a greater extent.

Myth: Insurance doesn’t cover varicose veins treatment:

If you are holding health insurance, it is totally on the plan you have adapted. Different plans are there in which the varicose veins treatment is covered, and in some, it is not. Ask the insurance provider about the same or go through the manual available to get an idea for it whether this procedure is covering under it or not.

Myth: Treatments are considering for cosmetic purposes only:

This can be a myth and fact both. There is no doubt the treatment will improve the appearance of the leg, but it also helps you to get rid of the discomfort happening in your life. After treatment, there will be no swelling on your leg, and no discomfort will surround you.

Myth: Varicose veins treatment is really very painful:

Thanks to the Medical field that right now the traditional surgery is not only a treatment for treating varicose veins. Right now, doctors are available with minimally invasive treatments to treat people and help them in getting rid of it easily.

Myth: Surgery is the only treatment for varicose veins

The treatment for varicose veins is not surgery only. Instead, doctors are looking forward to performing sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation, and microphlebectomy. These are the less invasive treatment available for treating the condition.

Myth: There is no permanent treatment for treating varicose veins

If you have also heard the same that there is no permanent treatment for treating varicose veins, this is just false. Right now, different treatment options are available which help a person to get rid of it. In the initial stages, doctors suggest a patient change their habits, and then they look forward to minimally invasive non-surgical procedures. If these procedures are not successful, then they look for some other surgery options.

Myth: Varicose vein treatment is not for elderly people

There is no age bar set for people to get the varicose vein treatment. It doesn’t matter whether a person is an adult or an elder the treatment is available for everyone out there.

These are the common myths all have considering varicose veins. Get in touch with the doctor timely, need to get the treatment. Dr. Nikhil Bansal is the best interventional radiologist in Jaipur who will help you to get rid of the problem. Just approach him and discuss the problem to get the answer for the best possible treatment available.