How to recognise the symptoms of a blood clot in the legs?

symptoms of a blood clot

Blood clotting is the condition when thickening of blood takes place, forming a semi-solid mass. It usually occurs inside the blood vessels and can be due to any injury or some lifestyle changes. By noticing certain symptoms, individuals approach the interventional radiologist in Jaipur for diagnosing about the same. The blood clotting that takes place in the legs can be related to Deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins as well, which is a major question of consideration. But the main thing which a person needs to know is the symptoms of a blood clot. Here are discussing the symptoms in detail so that you can easily approach the doctor time and get the best treatment for it.

Symptoms of a blood clot:-

Swollen and painful veins:

Swollen and painful veins will be noticed when blood clot formation takes place. Whenever a person touches the same, the pain increases, and they are sometimes not even able to resist the same. The swollen and painful veins interfere with the regular lifestyle of a person.


On a particular part of the leg, a person will notice some redness or blue tinge. It sometimes gets itchy as well. This is the condition where that particular part of the leg appears to be entirely different from the remaining part. This redness gets darker with time as well.

Warmth to touch:

A person will notice a slightly high temperature as compared to the remaining leg. The skin around the painful area will be warmer than the other skin over the same leg.

Discoloration of skin:

Blood clot formation also causes discoloration of the skin. This color of the skin appears to be bluish or reddish. It will not be the same as it was previously. This is a major indicator of blood clot formation, and that particular area will appear to be quite stiff as well. Approach the doctor for varicose veins treatment in Jaipur immediately if the same condition arises. In the case of varicose veins, discoloration is really very common.

Constant leg pain:

When blood clot formation takes place, it comes up with constant leg pain as well. When a person tries to bend the knee, they will notice the same. Also, it has been seen that due to the constant leg pain, they are not even able to engage in activities seamlessly, and sometimes even standing for a longer duration seems to be a difficult task for them.

Leg cramps:

Leg cramps come like a gift with blood clots in the legs. Not to ignore it because these cramps are so painful that you will not be even able to understand what to do next. The over counter medicines are not even helpful in treating such leg cramps.

Pitting edema:

Pitting edema is the condition when a swelling takes place and when you touch the swollen area, a dimple or pit forms which remain for few seconds.

These are the symptoms of blood clots in the leg. Approach the doctor timely for the treatment. If you are in confusion about whom to approach for the treatment, then Dr. Nikhil Bansal is the best choice we suggest to you. He is the best interventional radiologist and also has experience in treating such conditions. Discuss your problem with him, and he will come up with the best solution to treat the same condition.