Top Warning Sign and Symptoms Of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Warning Sign and Symptoms Of DVT 

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition in which blood clot formation takes place in one or more deep veins in the body. Usually, it has been seen in the legs. After having some primary symptoms individuals get in touch with the interventional radiologist in Jaipur and discuss with them considering the treatment. After diagnosing the condition doctor reaches the conclusion and suggests the patient best possible treatment. But some Warning Sign and Symptoms Of DVT are there which a person cannot ignore. Here we are exploring all these symptoms and science which let you understand that now there is a need to approach the interventional radiologist as soon as possible.

Warning Sign and symptoms of DVT: –


Swelling is the primary symptom that lets you diagnose DVT. Around the particular organ, swelling takes place and even the medicines are not helpful in relieving it.

Changes in skin:

Changes in the skin will be noticed and bluish or whitish discoloration of skin take place. This is a major indicator of deep vein thrombosis and it is right to conclude that right now the person needs to approach the doctor. This discoloration indicates clot formation and the clot formation is responsible for the visibility of bluish veins.

Warmth to touch:

The particular area will appear to be warm to touch. Whenever you touch the area having deep vein thrombosis it has a slightly higher temperature than other parts of the body. A person will be able to feel the same.

Leg pain:

Leg pain is constant in the case of deep vein thrombosis. The scenario is being so that a person is not even able to move properly and they have a complaint considering constant pain. The constant pain a person is facing lets them adopt social isolation because they are not able to move properly as well.

Leg cramps:

Leg cramps are really very annoying and no one wants to deal with them. It has been seen that people having DVT faces them and especially at night time. Also, it has been noticed that people are not even able to sleep properly due to the cramp. It usually starts in the calf.

Rapid pulse:

Rapid pulse rate is one of the rare symptoms notices in people suffering from DVT. They have no clue about it but it is a major and warning sign for people dealing with it.

Following are the major sign and symptoms of deep vein thrombosis. If you are having any of the symptoms or have constant leg pain, we suggest you approach the doctor for treatment. Dr. Nikhil Bansal is one of the best interventional radiologists available right now who will help you to deal with it easily. In Jaipur, he is among those doctors who are not only helping you to understand the situation but also help you to know about all the precautions need to take. Consult about your problem with him and wait for the best treatment!