What is the primary symptom of peripheral artery disease?

symptom of peripheral artery disease

Peripheral artery disease is one of the most common circulatory problems in which there is a reduction in blood flow to the limbs. It usually develops in the legs or arms. It is quite astonishing to know that individuals approach doctor peripheral artery disease treatment in Jaipur when it got developed. This clearly indicates that they have ignored the symptom of peripheral artery disease. It is a suggestion, don’t do it at all. Here we are sharing some primary symptoms which contribute to the detection of peripheral artery disease and help you to understand whether there is any need to approach the doctor or not.

symptom of peripheral artery disease:

Painful cramping:

Painful cramping in the hips, calf muscles, or thighs is the primary symptom. Sometimes the pain is so severe that a person is not able to sit properly. It contributes to restlessness, and they start avoiding activities in which they were engaging earlier.

Numbness in legs:

There will be numbness in the legs. This is a scenario where a person is feeling numb, and they are not even feeling any sensation in their legs as well. The legs get weak with time, and standing for a longer duration becomes a difficult task.

Colour change of legs:

There will be a change notice in the color of the legs. The leg starts to appear yellowish or whitish. This clearly indicates that a person is suffering from peripheral artery disease, and right now, the time has come to approach a doctor like Dr. Nikhil Bansal for the treatment. If individuals are avoiding this symptom, they will face a lot of trouble which will become unbearable.

Hair loss:

Hairs will have a major impact on peripheral artery disease. It is quite astonishing to note that individuals will notice hair loss along with pain in joints. They will not be able to figure out the cause behind hair loss, but it will be an annoying situation for them.

Erectile dysfunctioning:

In males, erectile dysfunctioning may also take place. Sometimes individuals do not pay attention to it and feel like it is happening due to some Lifestyle changes. But this is not the truth that all. If erectile dysfunction is also taking place along with any other symptom, it is essential to approach your doctor immediately.

Reduction in toenails growth:

You will barely see the growth of the toenail. After suffering from peripheral artery disease, it is a major problem that individuals notice. The toenails barely grow, and it becomes a matter of concern for them.

Coldness in the lower leg:

Whichever leg has an impact of peripheral artery disease will appear to be cold as compared to the other side. You can consider that there is a temperature fluctuation in both of the legs.

Here we have shared the primary symptoms of peripheral artery disease. Not to ignore any of them because if a person is ignoring them, it will create a lot of problems. Right now, you will find out doctor having peripheral artery disease treatment in Jaipur available just let them know about your condition so that they can provide you the best possible treatment and help you in getting rid of it. This is not an incurable problem in the initial stage, so don’t worry about anything.