What is the best treatment for peripheral artery disease?

best treatment for peripheral artery disease

Peripheral artery disease is a condition where there is a reduction in blood flow to the limbs due to the narrowing of arteries. A person can develop peripheral artery disease in both legs and limbs both. But majorly this problem gets a developed in the leg. The leg does not receive enough supply of blood, and this causes leg pain when walking, and other problems may also arise. At that moment, the need to look for peripheral artery disease treatment in Jaipur arises.

If you are looking forward to knowing about the treatment, here we are sharing some of the options which you can prefer.

Treatment for peripheral artery disease:

Physical therapy:

Physical therapy is the primary treatment for peripheral artery disease. Doctors suggest patients go for some low-impact exercises so that mobility will get maintained. These exercises include walking and some Physiotherapy sessions, which are really very helpful for maintaining mobility and curing peripheral artery disease.

Symptom relieving medications:

Doctors come up with some symptom-relieving medications. These relieving medications increase the blood flow to the Limbs and keep the blood thin as well. The blood vessels will get widened, and it treats leg pain as well. You can ask Dr. Nikhil Bansal for the best possible medicines acting as symptom-relieving ones.

Medications for preventing blood clots:

Doctors provide some medicines which prevent blood clotting. In peripheral artery disease, blood clotting also takes place, which results from reduced blood flow. Therefore take these medicines on time so that there will be no clotting and blood flow will be maintained.


Angioplasty is a procedure in which doctors will open the artery with the help of a catheter. The catheter is a thread that will pass through the blood vessel attached to the artery. A small balloon is also attached at the tip to reopen the arteries increase blood flow.

Bypass surgery:

Bypass surgery is the procedure in which doctors create a path around the block of the artery with the help of blood vessels from any other part or with synthetic vessels. This is the technique through which blood flow will be maintained around the narrowed artery, and there will be a reduction in pain, and the individual can get rid of peripheral artery disease.

Thrombolytic therapy:

Thrombolytic therapy is suggested when there is blood clotting in the artery, and they inject clot-dissolving drugs into the artery to break it.

Lifestyle changes:

Last but not least, doctors will suggest you some lifestyle changes to get rid of peripheral artery disease. They will suggest some exercises, changes in diet, and changes in your habit so that peripheral artery disease can be cured.

These are the best possible treatment for peripheral artery disease. Ask the doctor about everything in detail so that you can feel comfortable with the treatment, and there will be no such trouble. If during the treatment any problems arising, be confident to ask about them. So that chances of recovery will have a boost and treatment will appear to be a successful one.