Is it possible to treat varicocele without surgery?

treat varicocele without surgery

Dr. Nikhil Bansal is a senior consultant and varicose veins specialist at Endovascularexpert Clinic, Jaipur (Rajasthan), India. this blog has been written with an aim to create awareness among the general public and people suffering from Varicocele in particular. so in this blog, you will get detailed information about how to treat varicocele without surgery?

Dr. Nikhil Bansal regularly receives telephonic consultation calls from across the country regarding varicocele problems. over the years, Dr. Bansal has realized that still many patients in our country feel too shy to disclose their problems affecting the private parts. In fact, many patients do not understand the basic problem behind Varicocele disease. many patients even have difficulty pronouncing the word “Varicocele” correctly, and therefore feel ashamed to talk openly about it.

When someone is diagnosed with a disease called Varicocele, it is no less than a shock to him and his family. how would it be best treated and who would do it? every patient tries to find the best available option for the treatment of Varicocele. first of all, every person tries to cure their disease with medicine only. It is natural for patients to know for any possibility of avoiding surgery. No one likes to get unnecessary surgeries and surgical incision scars near the private part.

What Exactly is Varicocele?

Varicocele is a disease of the nostrils of the testicle and scrotum of the male. when these nostrils become inflamed due to some reason, then the problem of varicocele arises. people suffering from this problem sometimes have severe scrotal pain and sometimes male infertility. some young boys get rejected in their military physical examination because of varicocele.

At what age do men become victims of Varicocele?

Men usually develop varicoceles between the ages of 15 and 40. varicose veins usually have valves that carry blood from the testicles and scrotum to the heart. when these valves stop working, the blood pools in one place, causing the veins around the testicles in the scrotum to swell and cause varicocele. In people suffering from this problem, after some time the production of semen decreases, and its quality also declines. studies have shown that 90 to 100 percent of patients get relief from pain after treatment for varicoceles, and the process of semen production starts in 50 to 70 percent of patients.

What are the symptoms of Varicocele?

Importantly, the symptoms of varicoceles can vary according to a person’s age and profession. a varicocele patient does not have the slightest pain, while someone has such terrible pain that the patient cannot even stand. Sometimes its symptoms arise when lifting heavy objects. young people usually complain of a feeling of pain in their scrotum after some heavy work, running, singing high notes, gym, squash, exercise, or long journey. Quite a few young children fail the military service physical test because of varicocele and lose their desire to enlist in the military.

Varicocele Treatment Methods

Research has confirmed that varicoceles cannot be treated with drugs alone. If the varicocele starts giving trouble, then its treatment becomes necessary. In most hospitals, it is treated only by the old method ie open and microscopic surgery. Under varicocele surgery, the dr. makes an incision and binds the damaged arteries (veins) so that the blood returns to the heart through properly functioning arteries (veins). But there are many major problems with this surgery, such as the need for an incision, the need for sedation, the patient takes a very long time to recover. There is also a danger associated with this that it can lead to the problem of hydrocele (water accumulation in the testicles).

Varicocele treatment with advanced and modern method

Embolization has proved to be a very successful and effective method in getting rid of the problem of treat varicocele without surgery (non-surgical). In this, the patient has to be kept under medical supervision for a few hours only. After embolization, patients can return home the same day and resume their daily routine.

Benefits of Embolization in treat varicocele without surgery

  • Embolization is done completely under local anesthesia.
  • No harmful sedation drugs are required.
  • The patient remains fully awake and can watch the entire process on the computer screen.
  • There is no pain during the embolization procedure.
  • There are no cuts or marks.
  • He is discharged from the hospital the same day.
  • Patients can resume normal activity from the same day.
  • Embolization is performed entirely from within the vein, so unlike surgery, there is no risk of injury to the surrounding area.
  • The success rate is even better than surgery.
  • Many cases of unsuccessful surgery are treated by embolization.
  • the biggest advantage of embolization is that each step is done by looking at X-rays and hence the treatment is 100% successful and the side effects are minimal.

all varicocele patients are advised not to be ashamed of their problems. consult an expert like Nikhil Bansal (Vascular and Interventional Radiologist in Jaipur) and discuss in detail your problem and best treatment options.

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