What are the risk factors of peripheral arterial disease?

risk factors of peripheral arterial disease

Peripheral arterial disease is a condition in which narrowing of blood vessels outside the heart takes place, and as a result, atherosclerosis takes place. This condition usually arises when plaque buildup on the wall of arteries which are responsible for supplying blood to the legs and arms. It is a substance that is comprised of both cholesterol and fat. The arteries got narrow and sometimes got blocked as well. There is a reduction in blood flow and sometimes gets stop as well. In certain cases, due to blockage, the tissue dies and leads to amputation of the foot or leg.

Certain risk factors are also there related to PAD and which let individuals approach doctors for peripheral arterial disease treatment in Jaipur. Let’s understand the risk factors.

Risk factors of PAD:-

Constant pain in leg muscles:

Due to reduce or stop the blood flow, a person will feel pain in leg muscles. Sometimes they are not even able to move properly, and engaging in regular activities becomes a difficult task to do.

Numbness in leg muscles:

There is numbness in leg muscles. It feels like some sensation in leg muscles, and a person is not even able to feel if there is any cut. This is the condition that marks the progress of peripheral arterial disease.

Deep vein thrombosis:

Deep vein thrombosis condition may also take place where a blood clot is there in a deep vein in the leg, and the blood clots Get Loose and large in the lungs if left untreated.

Wounds on the toes:

Wounds on toes will get healed very slowly. There is no particular reason behind these wounds. But the healing speed is very slow.

Chances of cardiac arrest:

Chances of cardiac arrest will have a boost. People who have not paid attention to PAD are at higher risk of having a cardiac arrest.

Chances of heart attack:

Chances of heart attacks are also there. This could result in blockage in any of the arteries to the extent, and the doctor will suggest angiography and then the other factors relatable.

Nail growth is poor:

Nail growth is also very poor with people suffering from peripheral arterial disease. As there is no proper blood flow to the legs. As a result, they will face that the nail is growing very poorly, and even sometimes cracks arise.

Erectile dysfunctioning:

Erectile dysfunctioning is very common among those meals which are suffering from diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes, then erectile dysfunction will be the major problem for you.

The different temperature of both the legs:

For both the leg the temperature will be different. Yes, if we talk about the right leg, the temperature may appear to be normal, but with the left leg, it could be less or more accordingly.

These are the risk factors related to peripheral arterial disease and contributing to the need to approach the doctor for peripheral arterial treatment in Jaipur. If there is any symptom or any problem arising, do not forget to approach the doctor because they will suggest you the best possible treatment and help you in getting rid of it.

Also, they will conduct certain blood tests to figure out the cholesterol level. So that they can understand whether it is related to the same disease or any other problem is there. Make sure to present all your medical reports to the doctor so that they can analyze the situation to the core.