Which is the best sitting position for Varicose Veins?

sitting position for varicose veins

Sitting position to help with varicose veins: Sitting position a person adapts and creates a big role. There is no doubt that people who are sitting for long periods and do not pay attention to their sitting position do experience some problems. One such condition is varicose veins.

Some of the studies have suggested that people who sit for longer durations majorly experience varicose veins because they do not pay attention to the position they are adapting to. If you are someone who is dealing with it, keep reading till the end because here we are discussing the sitting position to help with varicose veins.

After knowing about the right sitting position, you will be able to deal with the discomfort and condition as well. But before exploring the positions, we would like to let you know about Dr. Nikhil Bansal, who is one of the best Interventional Radiologists in Jaipur you can approach.

You might have heard about it because he is one of those experienced doctors who always suggests the best treatment to the patients around them and helps them to deal with conditions with less medication. If you are dealing with a varicose condition, you can reach out and discuss it in detail. Now, is the time to understand the best sitting position for varicose veins. Let’s have a look!

Why is the Sitting Position important?

The sitting position is important because if you are not sitting in the right position, the overall posture of your body will be affected. Along with that, the blood flow may also experience some difficulties due to which health-related problems may develop. In most cases, it happens that people who are sitting ideally for a longer duration of time experience pain in the lower leg and it leads to some major conditions, including DVT and varicose veins.

5 ways to treat your varicose veins at the office:

If you are someone who is into office jobs or does sit for long periods, these five tips can help you out:

1. Elevate your legs as much as possible:

The first tip that we have for you is to elevate your legs as much as possible. Simply do it by resting your leg over the lower space of your desk or in the extra vacant space around your desk. This helps lower the pressure on the veins of the lower leg. When there is less pressure on the lower leg, you will experience fewer complications.

2. Flex your ankle:

Flexing your ankle is one of the easiest ways to deal with varicose veins. This helps maintain blood flow throughout and helps you to simulate walking. You just need to do it repeatedly so that there will be no problem and the blood flow in your lower leg will be maintained. There will be no need for you to take your shoes off for it. You can simply do it just by rotating your ankle and seeing the reason why.

3. Calf raises are important:

In most cases, it happens we do not pay attention to our calf’s health and that’s why we experience a lot of problems. Well, we suggest you do calf raises regularly because it helps push blood back up the leg to the heart. You can simply do it without any additional equipment at home.

4. Maintaining a healthy weight:

Obesity is responsible for causing so many problems and, likewise, it interferes with the blood flow throughout the body, including the legs. It is advisable to maintain a healthy weight to deal with the varicose vein condition.

5. Exercise regularly:

Last but not the least, we suggest you exercise regularly because if you are not exercising, there is a possibility of restricted blood flow, which again causes some of the major problems. You will see that things are not working in your favor if your overall body is experiencing blood circulation impact.

6. Walk for a few minutes:

After a duration of 45 to 50 minutes, it is advisable to walk. Sitting continuously for 60-180 minutes is something that one cannot expect, and the condition will lead to varicose veins ultimately. If you are not able to move due to some of the office restrictions, you can simply keep your back straight and move your legs in different directions.

This was all about sitting positions and how you can adapt to such things in your working environment. Don’t worry about anything, and always approach the best doctor for treatment. In case you are experiencing any problems, let the doctor know about them so that he can analyze what you are up to and provide the right treatment. As we have already discussed, you can approach Dr. Nikhil Bansal and get treatment for varicose veins at a very reasonable price in Jaipur.

FAQ: sitting position to help with varicose veins

Q. 1 Is there any cure for varicose veins?

Ans: There are cures for varicose veins available. From making lifestyle changes to going for surgery, a person can adapt to any of them as per their condition.

Q. 2 Can elevate the legs for a few minutes help with varicose veins?

Ans: Elevating the legs for a few minutes helps with varicose veins. It is advisable to do it often, and 3 to 4 times a day is a must.

Q. 3 Is there any way available to improve circulation in the legs while sitting?

Ans: Yes, there are some ways available through which a person can improve their blood circulation when they are sitting. They can simply elevate the legs and sit with their legs spaced slightly apart and their feet on the floor.

Q.4 Can a chair cause varicose veins?

Ans: Always consider a comfortable chair to sit in because an uncomfortable chair will destabilize your body, which again causes tiredness. Tiredness is responsible for putting pressure on the thighs. Also, it reduces the backflow of the blood, which leads to swelling, which ultimately causes varicose veins.

Q. 5 How many hours should a person stay in a sitting position?

Ans: For 45 to 60 minutes, you can sit in a sitting position. But after it, you need to take a break for 5 to 7 minutes and walk around.